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Year 5

Manor Adventure November 2020 - Update 3rd April 2020


Due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, I can confirm that we have liaised with Manor Adventure regarding our trip in November this year.  They are aware that we do still wish to proceed with the visit, but understand that everything is up in the air at the moment.  We have not sent the deposits we already have over to them yet and will not do so until we all know more.


If you have confirmed that you would like your child to go by completing the permission slip but have not yet paid a deposit, please keep your deposit safely. 


If you have not yet provided confirmation that you would like your child to go, please email school at with the following information :


Child’s Name _______________________________             Class ______


  1. I give permission for my child to take part in the residential activity course at Manor Adventure in Lockerbie from Monday 30th November to Friday 4th December 2020.
  2. I will pay my non refundable deposit of £50.00 when requested by school.
  3. I understand that I need to make term time weekly payments of £10.00 from 24th April until Friday 11th September 2020 when a final payment of £42.00 will be due. 



Signed ___________________________________              Date _______________


Weekly payments of £10 per week are required from 24th April, so again please keep saving.  When everything is back to normal, you will then be able to bring in the monies you have put to one side and will be able to maintain the weekly payments until the balance has been paid off in full.


Texts will be sent again once we know more information.  In the meantime, keep saving!

Please see our Spring School Partial Closure Newsletter - thank you for all of your support during these challenging times.
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