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Reading Plus

Reading Plus®

A web-based program designed to bridge the gap between functional literacy skills and reading for meaning.
Research suggests that students reading more efficiently (i.e. at a speed commensurate with chronological age) are more confident and motivated: the more confident and motivated a student is, the more capable they are at understanding text (reading with metacognition).


Reading Plus is unique in that it is the only IT- based program that explicitly teaches silent reading fluency to develop comprehension and vocabulary.


How it works

Reading Plus starts with a baseline assessment to place the students on the most appropriate start point on the program.

Students on Reading Plus then engage with increasingly complex text from an extensive online library of short stories (SeeReader). These stories have a readability from Y2 to beyond GCSE and are rigorously tested on the discrete reading skills of:

Close Reading, Main Idea and Themes, Interaction of Ideas, Use of Language, Structure, Point of View, Imaging, Reasoning and Rhetoric, and Comparative Reading.


ReadAround develops automaticity and word knowledge from a wide bank of technical vocabulary.


iBalance supports weaker students in the development of visual skills such as left to right scanning through flash and scan activities.


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