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Ince Church of England Primary School ‘Inspire, Nurture, Challenge, Enrich’

Our School Values

These are the School Values our Ethos Team have chosen this year and the reasons why:



We chose Thankfulness because:-

  • It is important to thank God for all our blessings
  • It makes you and other people feel uplifted when you are thankful. 



We chose Trust because:-

  • it is important to trust people because they will trust you back.
  • when you are feeling down if you trust God he’ll help you through it.



We chose Courage because:-

  • if you don’t step out of your comfort zone then you will live a life where you are scared of everything.
  • if you have courage you can step out of your comfort zone.



We chose Forgiveness because:-

  • it is the most important value in a human.
  • you should always forgive people for doing wrong.



We chose Friendship because:-

  • you should value your friends and always know how to treat them.
  • friends are important and it is about the quality of friends not how many you have.



We chose Truthfulness because:-

  • you shouldn’t lie about things because it is a bad trait to have if you lie.
  • if you lie then you will get in more trouble than you actually are, have the courage to be honest
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