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English Curriculum

English Curriculum

English in our school is highly regarded. Learning to read is the most important skill your child will learn at our school. Everything else depends on it; so we put as much energy as we possibly can into making sure that every single child learns to read as quickly as possible.

We want your child to love reading – and to want to read for pleasure.


How will my child be taught to read?

We are a Model School for Read Write Inc (RWI). This is how we teach our children to read.

We start by teaching phonics in Nursery and Reception class. This means that children learn how to read the sounds in words and how those sounds can be written down. This is essential for reading, but it also helps children learn to spell well. We teach the children simple ways of remembering these sounds and letters. The children also practise reading and spelling what we call ‘red words’ e.g. ‘once’ ‘have’ ‘said’.

The children begin to read books that match the phonics and ‘red words’ that they know, which helps them to become confident about reading.


Teachers always read to the children so that they get to know all types of stories and poems.

How long will it take to learn to read well?

By the end of Year 2, children should be able to read aloud books that are at the right level for their age.  The expected speed of reading at this stage is 100 words per minute. This means that they are a fluent reader and can comprehend efficiently what they are reading. 

From Year 3 onwards, we concentrate more on developing an understanding of  what they read (comprehension).


Does it matter if a child misses a lesson or two?

It matters a lot if children miss school.  The way we teach children to read is very well organised; so even one missed lesson means that your child has not learnt something that they need to know to become a good reader.


How can you help your child at home?

If you can find time to read to your child as much as possible, it really helps him/her to learn about books and stories.  They can also learn new words and what they mean.  Show that you are interested in reading yourself and talk about reading as a family.  Your child's reading record book is an important way of sharing responses to books that they have read. 


Children in the past have written....

  • "It was fantastic, all these fascinating facts will help me at school!"
  • "It is great, the best book so far in Year 3!"
  • I loved it! The best bit was when Rob scared Sam by dressing up as a ghost."
  • "I absolutely loved it!"

    Parents in the past have written....

  • "She wanted to read more of her library book "Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy"
  • "Please do not change her reading book. He has been reading his own book instead"
  • "He has been enjoying reading this book."
  • You can find out about good stories to read at :-


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