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Attendance Procedures

  • If your child is going to be absent from school, you must ring school before 8.30am to inform us of the reason for the absence.  The School Office is open from 8.00am.
  • If your child has a medical or dental appointment, the appointment must be confirmed with an appointment card/letter. Children are expected to attend school prior to the appointment or return to school after the appointment - where possible medical or dental appointments should be booked outside of school hours.
  • At 9.30am school registers are checked for any absences for which we have no explanation.
  • School staff will send a text or make a call to the parent/carer if there has been no contact with school regarding their absence.  
  • If your child has been absent and school have not been able to find out any reason, then a home visit will be made within at least three days or sooner if there are concerns.


Persistent Absentees

Our aim for attendance for each child is 96% or better, but preferably 100%!!

  • The parent/carer of all pupils with less than 95% attendance will be sent a letter and a printout of their child’s attendance for that term.
  • The parent/carer of all pupils with less than 90% attendance will be sent a letter and printout of their child’s attendance for that term.  The child’s attendance will be monitored half termly rather than termly. Parents/carers will be requested to attend a meeting in school to discuss their child’s attendance.
  • Pupils whose attendance is less than 85% can be referred to the Education Authority for further actions.

Penalty Notice Warning Letter


Leave of Absence Form


Attendance Award

Each Friday, the class who has the best attendance for that week receive invitations to come in their own clothes for one day in the following week.  The results for each class are as follows :-

Our Attendance Stars for Autumn Term 2018 are:

Class 5 and Class 8.

The children are having games in the hall followed by ice-cream/ice-lollies as their reward.



Our Attendance Stars for Spring Term 2019 are:

Class 4 and Class 16.

The children are having a picnic and games with Mrs Traynor as their reward.





Our Attendance Stars for Summer Term 2019 are:





All of today's Sports Days have been cancelled due to the weather. The back up day is Friday 7th June
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